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Right now, a Deduction Tactics tileset is four files. One less after the space classes become hard-coded, but still three Basically, a "overall" json file linking the others and containing a smidge of metadata - because the other parts might be reusable. A mapping of string keys to spaceclasses; the file that I intend to hardcode in the future. An image that is split into tiles using the metadata from the link file. And then a JSON file describing View-Tile Rulesets; what parts of a map a tile is used in. That's kinda worked, but nothing's been as reusable as I expected, and if I'm going to go overboard with windows explorer shell extensions, a preview handler is going to exist, which would be easiest if everything were combined into one file. With the exception of the image, everything could be fairly easily represented in JSON, in fact it mostly already is. As for the methods to combine the files into one. The main issue would be the image, which would not just be "replace the link with inline stuff". I suppose BSON and CBOR do exist, or Base64 I guess, if I really wanted to put a binary blob inside a JSON file. But that would probably involve splitting up the tiles - having the rule say "use image \211 PNG \r \n \032 \n …" instead of saying "use the 3rd tile". This is probably only to be esoteric, but I think I'd rather a multipart/related file. The file allows metadata for linking the files together, cid:theOtherPartOfThisMessage. And for the sake of being esteroic.

Do you know how many plugin hooks Windows has related to file type handlers? thumbnail, preview handler, open with, default programs, details, at least a few others. Most programs only set the verbs and maybe open with. The icon requires native code because shared libraries not allowed, and the preview handler requires figuring out this HWND nonsense, so even I wouldn't be able to do those, but everything else only requires registry keys. And Vista+ comes with a plain text handler that can preview any text-based format by pointing a registry key at the handler. I mean, I only found out about the preview handler this week, but if it wasn't mostly useless - there's the windows included ones (text/plain and the common four image formats), Microsoft Office has a few, the Adobe PDF - I probably might have noticed it sooner. Huh. *.java files are already set to have a perceived type of text. Cool.

You know, after reading a few Fire Emblem LPs, I think I want to see something like this; as a side note I think it would fit Discord on a map with Fluttershy as the boss, if a Fire Emblem/Ponies crossover would happen. So, a level with one named non-boss character. That character is severely overleveled because xe would be a boss of a later chapter, and running a smidge of teleport hax, but at that point would be wielding only offensive staves. Sleep, Berserk, the like. A severely overleveled wielder might even help the staves hit once or twice. I think I'd intend the guy to be undefeatable - hiding on the other side of a wall, for example, but of course that wouldn't be possible to enforce. When he reappeared as a boss proper, he'd probably have a proper inventory.

Apparently, nothing actually supports the more esterotic forms of atom:content

So, nothing actually supports the more esterotic forms of atom:content? Esterotic meaning anything other than inline html. I guess at least I finally found the method to indicate Atom enclosures.

Seriously, if fruit juice is made of evil, how have I been not-obese since I was five years old?

Apparently, from a health standpoint, which means "no fructose", I'm allowed to drink raw eggs, and that's about it.

Apparently, from a health standpoint, which means "no fructose", I'm allowed to drink raw eggs, and that's about it. Not even tap water; too much runoff makes it unsafe.

In Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga's tutorial battles, A Koopa Troopa just called a goomba a "monster" just after a different one called it Bowser's most elite troops

So, one of the things that happened last week was "there's a sale on watches; lets get some". That included me. The simplest analog clock was like 55 dollars, before sale price. The thing is, I loose watches. I fidget with them; taking them off and putting them back on. And I think I loose them because I occasionally don't remember to put it back on before moving somewhere else. And you only have to do that once to loose a watch. On the one hand, I haven't had any similar close calls with jackets in two years. On the other hand, I tried wearing the watch to work tuesday and I have not outgrown the fidgety thing. I didn't loose the watch, but I haven't worn it since.

Dreamlog: Dividing into unequal groups

So, apparently I was traveling - maybe with a group but that became unimportant fairly quickly. And it started with "We don't have anything left to do today, oh look the local community college is having a one-session class; let's try it. Longer form, entered what looked like a hotel lobby, even though the exterior looked like a hardware store; watched a few others playing a game for a while, and then "the thing is happening, let's go to the adjacent room". It was like controversial poetry or something. And of course the topic was ponies. And despite being 'controversial', the room was split into "Affectionate Parody" and "hate rage raaaah", and it was participant's choice as to the group joined. I was under the impression that the ratio between the two teams would be 3:2, in the same order, so I spent a while deciding "team I'd want to be on, or the smaller team". And then the team was spit up, and the ratio was actually 2:3, and I ended up on both the unfavorable team and the larger team. I think the moral is "even wanting to help an underdog is one of those evil peer pressure things.

I was going to get mad at threading is evil guy, and respond with the new wave of the future - just a stream of posts with no way to tell what caused someone to say something or how to , but then I realized that I'd be describing Tumblr.
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