The Westerner part of Sleeping Bear Dunes

Traveled a bit more west, paused at a river-side general store. Power was out there too. There were people - not us - kayaking with kayaks rented from the general store.

Further west, there was a different trail that was also part of the Sleeping Bear Dunes. Less views, more forest, mosquitoes, more sand in shoes; thoroughly inferior.

Finished at a point even further west: Point Bestie. Went up the lighthouse just before it closed. Then went on the small nearby beach - that was apparently smaller than usual, as Lake Michigan froze over last winter, stopping evaporation and resulting in a higher water level. Also, the location of the lifesaver deployment building. I was paying attention to the tour! I tried skipping stones - as it was cold and I was not dressed for swimming - and got one bounce on multiple occasions.