Mackinac Island

Today's excursion was to Mackinac Island. AKA, No Motorized Vehicles: The Island. This was a repeat destination, but not recently, I guess.

The ferry service used to get to and from the island is the Star Line self-important website. On the trip to the island, the time from getting in line to getting on a ferry was 65 minutes. The return trip wasn't quite as long, but it was still far from instantaneous. Both trips were on the ship called the Cadillac notable: town we're staying in has the same name. The trip to was inside, and therefore uneventful. The trip back was on the observation deck, and thus had picture-taking opportunities. The ferries produces this stream of water behind themselves, and I have no idea what possible purpose that could have.

First thing done there was get tickets for various things. There are a few historical buildings scattered around, in addition to the more major things, one of which talked about Dr. William Beaumont, and his Experiments and Observations On The Gastric Juice And the Physiology of Digestion also the title of a book he wrote. I wonder when exactly book titles started being less exactly what they say on the tin.

We walked from downtown up to the plaza with the butterflies and historic hotel, including up the "Dangerous Hill" with "Turkey Hill Road". And then discovered that that was a stop for the official carriage tours, so we walked back, since we had a carriage tour ticket already.

We only looked at the golf course, but they had Golf Carts, and not horse-drawn golf carts. Meaning there were horseless carriages on the island, but I suppose those aren't on the roads?

So, the carriage tour. Lots of trivia. Didn't bother with the stop with the butterflies. Did bother with the stop at the Arch Rock. Apparently, it has 20 years left before it crumbles. The Grand Hotel seems like one of those things that is completely unnecessary, but a lot of areas have unnecessary things.

In the town of 90% fudge shoppes, one kinda has to get fudge.

Fort Mackinac. Very worth exploring. Left when the fort closed, and therefore managed to see the Boy Scouts perform the flag lowering ceremony.