Perpetually Late

The theme of today was "Sister was allowed to sleep slightly late, and therefore we missed everything."

The initial incursion was to Elk Rapids. Nominally because of their Harbor Days festival, but we only walked around not doing anything actually related to the festival. Just exploring. Aside from watching a family of lumberjacks demonstrate lumberjack activities. And we were a few minutes late for the 12:30 one, so we watched the 3:00 one instead.

There was a historical museum in Elk Rapids, but it was only open Wednesdays and Saturdays, and today is a Thursday.

Returning from Elk Rapids, we spotted and spontaneously went to a music museum. We spotted it at . It closed at 4.

We then went to a minigolf area. "Pirate Cove" in Traverse City, specifically. In 18 holes, the harder 18 holes apparently, I got a score of 51 for a win.

Dinner at a place called "Timbers". This was back in Cadillac.

And then one of the last things I heard was "The concert is probably over by now, so we're going to the hotel not the concert".

And then we tried to go to a store that closed at 10PM, and we went there at 10:12.