Mercyhurst and Presque Isle

Yesterday was all driving.

The first part of today was a visit to one of my sister's proposed colleges. Mercyhurst, to be specific. The entire place was shut down and deserted, but we visited due to convenience of time, not because there was any offer of tours this week. Since the architecture was the main thing I could see in the closed state, it's really the only thing I can comment on. The place seemed compact, with the buildings being very dense with less area between them than other colleges. Most of the buildings seemed older than the supposed founding date of 1926. And even though the entire campus was shut down, when someone noticed us looking at the campus store, that person allowed us in and supplied a motivational and idealistic speech. There were a few chipmunks as well as a variety of birds which could be seen, and seen not just heard.

We then went to Presque Isle, since both were in Erie. There was a monument to a naval officer, an Officer Perry. There was a brief stop at a lighthouse. And the companions stuck their feet in Lake Erie so that they could claim to have done so. An easier version of the "Visit all 50 states" challenge. I failed to do so, not because I couldn't but because I did not wish to.

As for now, even more driving. Towards home.