The Right Hand

Back during the end of season one, there were ten hosts and I had previous knowledge that one-in-ten people are left handed. And, because that's how statistics works, apparently, I decided that one of those ten hosts must be left handed. So, which one? Eventually, I settled on "repeated physical abuse for being yourself is probably not the best way to develop a child's self-image and self-confidence." Hence, this.

Granted, the last modified date on this file is 2014-Sept-23, before Omega Ruby started, which contradicts this story. Maybe, at the time, I was including Lady Abin in the ten.

So, yeah, that's supposed to be a younger Richard/Lil' D. At least several years before his Pokémon journey. Yes, the only indication of this is the skin tone. Maybe I should have given him X's starter hat for this image even if him having that hat at this time feels unrealistic to me.

Is the cut-a-way sepiatone panel that indicates why I consider left "the dome's side" obvious enough? Too Jarring? I feel like that kind of cut-a-way should be a good show-don't-tell method, but if there's too much "not tell", that's no good.

For seasons two and three, I suspect that there's some drama to be had regarding how asymmetrical the portable snag machines are (so one of Adam/A7 or Alpha would be the lefty of those 12), and for seasons four and five, I have no idea yet.

As a side note, I do find it appropriate that in Dual Fourth, Xena – the character on the left side of the screen – choose Dome and Cici – the character of the right side of the screen – choose Helix. Despite their personalities.

The font is "Vegur" By Sora Sagano Licensed under CC-0

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