Randomized White 2 Badges

Syllabus Badge: Changed to have the appearance of the battle arenas, which happen to be prominent in this gym's layout. Nothing here is specific to the randomizer, but the type isn't specific to the randomizer either. As for the name… after everything else had their names, I went to the thesaurus page for "Learning", went to the thesaurus page for the first entry recursively a few times, and eventually ended up at Syllabus.

Thought Badge: This is the first one made. With the toxic badge's string of circles, a thought bubble comes to mind almost immediately. The pink matches her Exeggcute, which also come in multiple circles. The gold part inside the large bubble blends into the pink, but the things I've attempted to mitigate that (darker gold, lighter gold, darker pink, outlines, more shadow) didn't look "right" after the edit.

Wyrm Badge: My initial thought was, since the Insect Badge looks like an insect wing, make the randomized version look like a dragon wing. The problem was that none of Burg's Pokémon had particularly iconic dragon wings - Vibrava's wings look more like insect wings, Druddigon has blue leaves, and Gible doesn't have wings. But the other notable part of the vanilla badge is its three segments - and given the region's three legendary dragons, each segment was made to represent one of those three dragons' wings. Wyrm has nothing to do with this, but Worm : Insect :: Wyrm : Dragon; I had to.

Parabolic Badge: Minun with 3 draining moves → Parabolic Charge → Parabolic Dish. This one doesn't match the style of the vanilla badge, but I'm not sure what to do to change that.

Femur Badge: The gym didn't change type, so the badge is based the gym being filled with Team Skull. And bones are somewhat associated with the ground type anyway, because of Cubone, which is just convenient.

Echo Badge: The shadows on this one was a pain. "Echo" was mostly because of the Celestial Tower Bell. The segmented hand-wisp design is particularly meant to emulate the Jet badge's segmented bird-dustcloud design

Torch Badge: Upon finding out that the gym's type was fire, I knew the two colors had to be red and blue. Except I kept changing the shade of blue, all the way to Chandelure Purple and back. The darker colors blend in to the shadows too well, and the lighter colors stand out too much. The Legend Badge is really spikey, and I'd include more spikes on this flame if they would fit. But they don't.

Lily Badge: Something something water lilies. Except the badge design couldn't use them because everything related to water lilies is too square for this region's badges. A leaf may not be original, but it difference between it and the Wave Badge's water droplet is really minor. And that was kind of the ideal. Make the new badges feel like Unova badges, or even like the vanilla badge if possible, while still definitively being of the new type.

The font is "Gravity" by "Vincenzo Vuono": CC-By-4.0.

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