List of Programming projects root > programming List of Programming projects JSON A library that provides a SAX-like interface to JSON processing 3.0.1 Board Game Generic Basically, this is a starting point for making a tile-based board game. The basic model is tiles (spaces) and things that move on those tiles (tokens), as well as methods for making boards with common arrangements (unidirectional, rectangular, (TODO: Hex)) and then display the board to a user. 3.0.0 Deduction Tactics A game where you aren't told what classes your opponents are. You must figure out through deduction. a.6.0 Script Provides a model for game scripts. 1.0.0-RC1 StemAndLeaf A quick utility that makes a stem and leaf plot 1.0.1 Image Manipulator A tool with several image filtering operations. 1.0.5 Utilities Absolutely random and supposedly 'usable' java classes 2013-08-15 ImageIO Plugins Two imageio Plugins: one writes csv files, and one writes java files. 1.0.1