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h1:4-H Fair 2015 Days 1-3


Didn't go on this day, since it was just "the rides are here anyway, so even if nothing else is ready, lets open so the rides can be used."


Probably the only notable thing Thursday was that I saw the racing pigeon launch.


All the days there's been a tent one can walk around in with butterflies. I only entered it this day because I was accompanying a parent. I was probably too nervous about the possibility of stepping one one to enjoy the experience, including observing the Brown Cloak that landed on and stayed on the sugar water sponge I was given upon entering.

Apparently, historical fencing allowed use of the off-hand. The fencing demonstration for historical fencing included one person using a buckler, one person using a smaller secondary weapon, and the disarming technique shown was grabbing the opponent's blade with the other hand. It was somehow related to the Society for Creative Anachronism.

And I wanted to mention that I watched most of a horse show, but I'm tired and upset so I have no idea why I think it's worth mentioning.

I think I've intentionally not mentioned this, but the previous week's events were mostly because the Texas cousins - which have been mostly residing in Saudi Arabia for the past three years - have been visiting. They arrived two Saturdays ago and left today. For other places in the US. And from other places in the US. So that's why so much happened in a week.

I have yet to bring either goggles or sunscreen to the pool yet this year.

Is a problem.

Today I learned three derogatory terms. The first is 'Posh' - referring to "port side of a ship", more specifically the rich people who had to show off their richness by always traveling on the port side of a ship. Not "Traveling in style" as everyone thinks. Second is - twip, tip something like that, an accronym for approximately "Traveling without proper identification", in the context of ellis island immigrants, and somehow that turned into a derogatory term for Italians. And the third, I don't remember what it was, but it's the - jewish, yiddish, something like that - word for circle, in the same context referring to people who traveled for the purposes of immigration, were rejected and sent back, returned, were rejected and sent back again, in a cycle, and that turned into a derogatory term for Jews.

Took a ride on a Whippany Railway Museum caboose ride and was given that tidbit by one of the elderly volunteers.

Love's Labour's Lost

The Shakespeare Company's outdoor play this year was Love's Labour's Lost.

They only reacted to the planes in the middle part of the second half. Two of those cases were wild, and one was just the spaniard shaking his fist at one inbetween shaking his fist at hecklers during the Nine Worthies.

The pairs of schollars and French visitors were colour coded. The beta pair blue, one pair pink, one pair yellow, with the leads being Red or White. So, in the scene with the male half disguised as Russians and the female half hiding their faces and trading favors, we have the have the princess, wearing white except for blue's blue broach, and blue wearing blue except for the princess's diamonds and this manages to completely fool the male half. Yes, I know why, but still.

There was a part where the fool was paid coins for the delivery of letters, and was "how much for that drink" and complaining about the names of the coins. I liked that part.

One part of the play involved the males hiding from the other males. The environment included lollypop-shaped trees, with the stalks being no thicker than a common PVC pipe. Again, because it's a play hiding behind them worked.

I still have no idea where the Play within a play came from.

"It is only a year and a day" "'Tis far too long for a play". Best line, right there.

One woman for each man was rather convenient. I was okay with this play averting "Everyone gets married"

I think it should be obvious by now that I didn't catch anyone's names. Never do.

It's been no more than 10 days since the "Homosexual is legal" supreme court decision, and I don't think I've heard any outrage or support or "yays" in 8 days. So, big deal, this decision, yes?

Virion was the first character in my first Awakening playthrough to reach level 20/0, in Mission 12. The next chapter Chrom, Sumia, Lon'qui and Lissa followed, while Kellam reached level 19.99. 1 experience away from level 20. Robin didn't participate in Mission 13.

Sumia and Lissa haven't been promoted yet as I don't know what to do with them, but considering that Sumia spends most of her time paired with Chrom, Staves wouldn't be useful, but Lancefaire might be. And there's enough sages, but what would Lissa be able to do with an axe?

Kellam can walk into the middle of an army and come out unscathed. I guess it's fitting that he can walk to the other side of the map and slaughter half an army where no one would notice. Everyone except Robin, that is.

Reaction to "Something Rotten"

And lastly the reason for going to the city in the first place. A play. I think the decision about which play involved, as far as I can tell, equal parts random number generation and bone reading, and it decided Something Rotten, and it was an excellent choice.

Without going into anything too specific, I really liked the reinterpretation of Shakespeare as a vain rock star. And the sheer density of references to other musicals in just two musical numbers.

Great play. Recommended.

Playbill: Share the pictures that you are absolutely not allowed to take with us on Instragram.

Playbill: Share the pictures that you are absolutely not allowed to take with us on Instragram.

Why else have an instagram account?

Connolly's Pub and Restaurant was almost empty. Much more pleasant than the overstuffed Ellen's Stardust Diner from last time. Food was nice too.

The waiter stole cleaned up glassware before I was done with it, which seems to be a running gag at this point.