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How to increase your attraction to employers

Take one project. Modularize it. Suddenly you have four projects. My response: "Technically not lying" He says it's not lying at all. I disagree.

Has the unmet need been met? Yes. Yes it has. No questions asked - it has been invented. And there are fifty bazillion patents preventing it from ever being invented.

A trilogy of stories I've imagined telling in the pony universe has the basic structure
  1. Sweetie Belle is first crusader to get mark (singing music whatever); has mental breakdown expecting the other crusaders to reject her; they don't. Huzza.
  2. Applebloom gets the pity mark [1]; something something details. Huzza.
  3. Scootaloo has a mental breakdown regarding the fact that she's the only one still without her mark. Runs away; is caught; sense is talked into her. Huzza.
Now, I've previously decided that for the Fire Emblem crossover thing, I intend to have part of the "years in the past" events be that this happens, with the change that Scoots is not caught, joins a cult, and hence recruitable batpony. The addition that I'm thinking of now is that Applebloom blames her mark for Scoot's running away, and thus during the course of the game, she is unmarked. Mechanically, not different from any other mark - maybe make it weaker overall - but storywise use the equals sign instead of whatever building thing.
The other thing I've previously intended is to have the Lunatic mode mostly resolve around changing marks or species: stupid things like Flutterbat instead of Fluttershy or interpreting the tower mark to mean 'only allowed to move or attack like a rook in chess' instead of '+2 def' or giving a background pony a mark other than their usual one that they have still sported. One of those changes could be that Applebloom has her true mark instead of the 'unmarked' mark. Which means that the support conversations between Scootaloo and Applebloom would either
  1. not be rewritten, and therefore make no sense
  2. be modified into a fourth-wall breaking tirade about how their support conversations don't make sense in this timeline playthrough.
  1. ^ In my headcannon, the Hourglass is a mark received by ponies that are too old to be blankflank, but have not yet figured out their special talents. Reasons being: it's the most common mark, Colgate has that mark despite most commonly being interpreted as a dentist, The Doctor(s) have this mark, and there's no chance they've been a pony long enough to figure out their talents. If the pony does figure out their talent, the hourglass will change.

I just want an equalist party leader that isn't a huge hypocrite.

Both Amon and Starlight Glimmer changed from grey to black very quickly. I suppose the cybermen don't always have a leader, but for large-scale events they usually have a 'king' who is coordinating their actions. And in animal farm: "Some are more equal than others". I get that there are hardly any real-life examples either. But a resolution that isn't as simple as "Glorious Leader is not one of us; therefore Glorious Leader's philosophy is wrong!" would be nice. In the case of the Friendship is Magic season 5 premiere, a change that would cause Glorious Leader to not be a hypocrite would be that Glorious Leader would admit that the only reason her cult/society works is because of her special skills, but that she is also a complete recluse due to how there is no place for her in her society. Glorious Leader and her first initiates would probably have been bullied or shunned for having 'evil' marks (Starlight Glimmer has her "remove other ponies' marks" skill, second-in-command Diamond Dust makes me think of the fact that diamond-dust-tipped blades can cut anything, probably add an explosives expert somewhere in there). The goal of the episode would be to convince the leaders that bad powers does not imply bad people.. Then again, one of the things I hear praised about this episode is that there's now a chance for a reoccurring villain, and my idea would be another "reformed by the end of the episode" character.

Honestly, I see this one design I'm going to pretend that Night Flier is correct name and I can't see anything other than an Umbra pony of Lightning Dust Spitfire .

Functional balloon binoculars is flat-out ridiculous.

Anime Club 2015-04-02: The Random Button

So, the Anime Club's April Fools thing this year was essentially taking crunchyroll's new random button and pressing it a bunch of times.
  1. Wonder Momo. You know how most super hero origin stories take more than a normal 22 minute episode? The getting bitten by a radioactive spider, the first superhero battle against a super villain, things like that. This did all of that in seven minutes. Very rushed.
  2. Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere. It was not bad. Far too many characters, but other than that. Also seemed a little low key given the characters' power levels.
  3. Yuki Yuna is a Hero. I want to find more of this. At least enough to figure out the superhero/schoolgirl balance - and maybe see if some of the eldritch horrors are less stupid than essentially a balloon. The flower motifs and transformations looked good though.
  4. Majin Bone. I don't think I like the main character.
  5. You'd think the translators would be able to tell the difference between "The World Is Still Beautiful" and "Still World Is Beautiful". They mean completely different things. Anyway, I want to find more of this.

There are groups or people that you expect to try something foolish. Like deviantART, Equestria Daily or Butterfree of The Cave of Dragonflies. It's good for a laugh, they usually put a lot of effort into it, and it is a decent joke even if you're not fooled. On the other side, there are people who are much more … serious, I guess. You don't think of them as someone who would do something for April Fools, so you don't look for it. And, say, you look a few days later and there's an update that a fairly reasonable continuation of where his development had been going, at least until the third-or-so paragraph. That's more along the lines of how I get fooled.

Anime club usually has a warmup slideshow with stills from random animes in a "Guess that anime" format. Today, none of them were animes.

Pretty much the only 'real' prank today - where I wasn't explicitly going out and trying to find humorous articles or jokes - was when the tennis instructor claimed "There's a new pilot program and this is one of the classes selected - they want to make sure you're actually getting something out of this class, so be prepared for a timed sprint next Wednesday".