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It's a shame that R6's only personality trait is "held a pokedoll for 90% of the time he was with us", but that trait is still too adorable to be too mad at.

A filter that decompresses a png image's internal data structures. Intended to be used as a git filter.

A grass-type Relic-Badge as seen in Twitch Plays Pokémon Randomized Platinum.

After taking a second look at these two years later, I noticed that the real Platinum badge's silver outline is closer to cyan than blue, so I changed this's silver outline to better match the canon badges.

The dates I have on various files related to this are: 2017-02-13, 2017-02-16, 2017-02-17, 2017-03-03, 2017-03-04, 2017-03-06, 2018-01-17, 2020-01-15 and 2020-01-22. I hesitate to say how substantial any of those days are. The approximate order of execution was text, spritework, two-week-break, panel-one-drawing, edit-script-to-accommodate-solidified-timeline-position, minor-edit-faffing, two-year-backburn, removing-that-timeline-impliccation, text-tweaking.

This is the first time any drawing (panel 1) was 100% digital - as opposed to drawn-on-paper-then-scanned-then-traced/cleaned. It was easier than I expected. Any other time I tried, I made one line, erased it, and never really got any further than that. It probably helped that what I needed to start Plume's head and Chatot was more ovals than lines.

And, yes, I did need that drawing to explicitly show Amber strangling a Chatot Iaqo - rather than implying it via the sprites I stole had available.

I hope this is obvious, but Lord Amber is incapable of speaking coherently and that incoherence is frustrating him.

I couldn't tell you the timestamps now, but I picked Amber's non-bee-movie-script lines by going to a few random timestamps in Chatty Yellow's VODs and taking the first-or-second thing Iaqo said after that timestamp. Or maybe any line, not just the text-to-speech ones, I don't really remember. Point is, I mined those lines from the stream. The lines are probably a bit too curated to be truly random, but I doubt I'd be able to convincingly simulate TPPSim if I tried to just say a line off-the-cuff.

If Ultra Moon was any indication, Lord Plume broke language for everything except Rotom. Not that there's any reason for them to be anywhere near eachother in the timeline; or for the other name-borking runs, Pyrite and White2, to have any relation to this either.

Any point that is specified to the millionth of a pixel was done in Inkscape. Any point that is aligned with the pixel grid was done in notepad or jedit.

Gravity (font)
Vincenzo Vuono; CC-BY 4.0
Vegur (font)
Sora Sagano; CC-0
Twitch Emotes
¯\_(ツ)_/¯; Claiming de-minimus fair use anyway
Pokémon Sprites
Either directly from Pokémon Black or Pokémon Heartgold, or edited by myself with the bases from those games. Used without permission.

An artist rendition of Twitch Plays Pokémon Randomized Ultra Moon's Tapu Koko, or rather the exploding Magearna that Tapu Koko was randomized into.

A bug-type Cobble-Badge as seen in Twitch Plays Randomized Pokémon Platinum. This is just based on the original badge and new type. The trainer's pokemon and how they were knocked around silly by a slight breeze was not incorporated into this design. I was going to call this the hive badge before I remembered that that name was taken in Black/White.