Style Switcher

The style switcher allows you to change the look of the site. If your browser supports both stylesheets and client-side scripting, then there should be a dropdown near the top of the page labeled "Style". Select the name of a style from this dropdown, and the page's style will change to the selected style.

In web pages more specifically HTML documents, there is some capacity to separate the semantics of a page from its appearance. As a corrollary, it is possible to declare multiple possible appearances for a html document: one as the default and others as alternates.

Note that alternate stylesheets are completely orthagonal to "responsive" designs.

Recently, browsers have trended towards ignoring this posibility Chrome has never supported alternate stylesheets, Edge doesn't have an interface to select one, and Firefox has hidden its toolbar by default and not provided another interface and even in browsers that do allow this, selecting an alternate stylesheet will not be persistent - either on other pages on the same site or even a revisit to the same page. Hence, the need for a script to make the existence of alternate sylesheets obvious and persistant.

List of Styles


Orange background; black text; no images. Fairly generic.


An attempt to emulate what gopher protocol responses look like. It is fixed-width, uses a fixed-width font and is black and white, except for links which are the default blue/purple.

Removed since it was more of a what-can-I-do thing than a worthwhile thing


A pallet swap of Orange. Green background; white text; only one image - a string of lights across the top of the page. Yay, holiday themed stuff.


Makes most links accompanied by a graphic; basically to imitate mobile-friendly pages, but since it's an alternate stylesheet does not have some of the stupidities of the html pages its based on.

Disabled while I figure out where my glyphs went


Basically tries to imitate a brick wall.


An attempt to emulate the what a MediaWikiText format would look like, as in it would be a reverse to-html-ifier.

Removed since it was more of a what-can-I-do thing than a worthwhile thing


An attempt to emulate MediaWiki's Vector style.


A response to some guy talking about usability. This is apparently more useful for readers.


A modification of gemmell using an inverted color scheme.


A pallet swap of Orange. Black text; pink and white background.

Mar/Feb 2014


A stylesheet that will respond to your p5p preferences. Since this site is currently static, it doesn't actually work.

More Details

Retired since it doesn't make sense in the context of a static site, and this site has been static for a long time.